If whishes where horses, beggars would ride, some say, give a beggar a horse and he will ride to the devil, others reply. But what happens when an old man, a beggar, discovers an eerie mask, a wooden vessel for powers stolen to a forgotten god?

Follow the beggar’s ride to a distant land, where stones as ancient as the first dawn held untold secrets and mysterious voices, in a puzzle\platformer game like no other.

You’ll have to jump, grab and run for your life. But you will have also the power to wear the ancient mask and see the world through the yes of a god, while altering the very fabric of reality harnessing the forces of nature, thus opening your way into a strange new world.

Will you solve a mistery made of distant memories, of hope and of a loneliness longer than time itself?
Experience a story-driven, seamless blend between a platform and a puzzle game.
Run, jump and grab to overcome the challenges of a mysterious land.
Wear the maks and invoke incredibile divine powers!
Solve puzzles and alter the game’s environment using the very forces of nature.
Live a poetic story about loneliness, hope and courage.
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